Lingerie for Every Occasion: How to Choose the Right Undergarments for Different Outfits

Lingerie for Every Occasion: How to Choose the Right Undergarments for Different Outfits


We all know that feeling of putting on the perfect outfit, only to realise that our undergarments are not up to par. Whether its visible panty lines or a bra that doesn’t quite fit right, wearing the wrong lingerie can definitely put a damper on our confidence. But fear not because we are to help you choose the right lingerie for every occasion. 


Everyday Wear

When it comes to everyday wear, comfort should be your top priority. You want to choose lingerie that will keep you feeling supported and secure throughout the day. Opt for a well fitting bra that provides both lift and coverage.

Shameless plug - Try our Essy Balcony Bra in black, copper, or berry (if you’re feeling spicy)

Essy Balcony Bra

A good, comfortable pair of panties that doesn’t ride up or cause bulges is also essential. Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style - there are plenty cute and comfortable cute options out there! - and here.


Work Attire 

If you’re heading to the office, you want to avoid anything that distracts you or those around you from your bad-b boss lady vibes. This means smooth/flat lace or mesh and if you are wearing white - no bright colours!

Try our Arit Full Coverage bra - its perfect for that flat seamless look. 

Arit Fun Banner

Stick to neutral or dark colours that will blend seamlessly under your outfit. If you want to wear just a blazer and no bra, this would be the time to bust out your breast tapes and nipple covers. 

Another shameless plug - we sell breast lift tape and nipple covers!!! Just follow the link here and choose from a range of braless solutions that put the lift in uplifting!

Work Attire

Whether you’re going out with a long-term partner or a new flame, date night is the perfect opportunity to show off some of your sexier pieces. A matching lingerie set  in a bold colour like red or pink is sure to make you feel confident and sexy. 

We are all lace and see through here so basically the entire catalogue fits the bill but don’t be scared to spice things up with some nipple covers and adhesive thongs. They are functional (eliminating any lines and straps) and they leave quite the impression…if you know what I mean. 

Our entire website is a shameless plug so just go ahead and shop. 


Special Occasion

Weddings, Fancy galas, night in or out with friends - these events always call for special lingerie. From a strapless bra to provide support in your strapless dress to braless solutions for your backless dress, it is important to pick the right lingerie for the right outfit to avoid any disasters. 

There are many good strapless bras out there but we must advocate for our own Gbe Soke! Strapless Bra (shortened to Soke so we don’t have to answer too many questions but if you know you know). This bra is has a cut and sew light padding designed to curve inwards and hug the top of your cleavage for a cleaner look. 

Here’s a sneak peak:

Fun Soke Bra Post

Okay - not much sneaking but you get the idea - she bangs. 

IN CONCLUSION! Lingerie is an essential part of every outfit - no matter the occasion. By choosing the right ones, you can enhance your figure, boost your confidence, step on your naysayers, and make sure you’re comfortable no matter what you’re wearing. So go ahead and treat yourself to some new lingerie - trust us, you won’t regret it!

Until next time, always remember to LOVE YOUR CURVES!


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